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Chubb Brochure
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Endorsed by PSEA and provided by the
Chubb Group of Insurance Companies, Warren, NJ

PLAN BENEFITS - If injuries occur while insured result in paralysis, death, or dismemberment, this Plan will pay these benefits:

Life 100%
Both Hands or Both Feet 100%
Sight of Both Eyes 100%
One Hand and One Foot 100%
One Hand and the Sight of One Eye 100%
One Foot and the Sight of One Eye 100%
Speech and Hearing in Both Ears 100%
The Sight of One Eye 50%
One Hand or One Foot 50%
Speech or Hearing in Both Ears 50%
Hearing in One Ear 25%
Thumb & Index Finger of the Same Hand 25%
Quadriplegia* 100%
Paraplegia* 50%
Hemiplegia* 50%

*QUADRPLEGIA means total paralysis of both upper and lower limbs; PARAPLEGIA means total paralysis of both lower limbs; and, HEMIPLEGIA means total paralysis of upper and lower limbs on ons side of the body.

See brochure for more informmation