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Nationwide Pet Insurance


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My Pet Protection from Nationwide

Every member of your family is important, and you want all of them to be protected —including your pets. That’s why we are pleased to offer you a special opportunity to save on your pets’ medical bills with Nationwide Pet Insurance.

With today’s advances in veterinary medicine, your pet has the opportunity to live a longer, more rewarding life. Yet, no matter how well you plan, an illness or injury can mean a late-night trip to the emergency room or ongoing treatments for an ailment such as arthritis. In these instances, the cost to treat your cherished pet can run into the hundreds, even thousands, of dollars. A Nationwide Pet Insurance policy gives you peace of mind knowing you will receive financial assistance for the unexpected.

For more information see the Plan Brochure or visit https://benefits.petinsurance.com/psea  for a fast, no-obligation quote or to enroll. Active members will be given the option to pay through payroll deduction during the enrollment process.

Optional wellness coverage is also available.

Have questions or need to enroll a bird, rabbit, reptile or other exotic pet?
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