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Camp Rules and Regulations
have been established and adopted by your Board of Trustees to ensure that your stay at camp is enjoyable.

1. Pets and comfort animals are not permitted at any PSEA camp.

2. Admission to camp shall be verified by signing the registration form at the caretaker’s office and/or by presentation of your “Vacation Camp Payment and Reservation Receipt”

3. Reservations granted to PSEA members are not transferable.

4. The PSEA member or spouse granted a peak season (June – August) reservation is to be in attendance at camp at least four (4) days during a one-week reservation. Non-peak season reservations may be made by the member for his or her immediate family (over the age of 21) without the necessity of the member’s presence if the family member has been advised of and understands the camp rules. Immediate family members can join PSEA to use the camp during peak season. The member will be held responsible for any infractions or resulting damage.

5. PSEA Camps are for the private use of PSEA members and their families, and are not available for public functions.

6. Full week reservations are given priority. Only full week (Saturday to Saturday) reservations are accepted during peak season, June through August, for all camps with the exception of Del Monte, which can be booked for any days requested.

7. Partial week reservations will be accepted for any camp beginning May 1st for June, July, and August. You can book partial week reservations any time for all other months. All but Camp Pit have a maximum number of cabins that can be reserved during peak season.

8. All reservations begin at 3:00 p.m. and end at 10:00 a.m. Arrival at camp must be during daylight hours and no later than 8:00 p.m. Please contact the PSEA office or the camp caretakers with any exceptions to avoid admittance problems.

9. Inspect your cabin on arrival. Notify the caretaker if the unit is dirty. Also, report any breakage, missing articles or malfunctioning equipment. If not reported, you will be held responsible. You will be billed for any damage caused by your family or group.

10. Before vacating, the member is to leave the unit in a clean and orderly manner suitable for occupancy by the next member. Cleaning supplies are provided.

11. Units are limited in size and accommodations. Please be aware of your reservation capacity. If you exceed cabin, trailer site or campsite capacity, you will not be admitted to camp.

12. Tents, RV’s or trailers are allowed only at Camp Wishon Cove in sites so designated. RV sites are restricted to one RV or trailer and tow car per site.

13. Noise levels must be limited after 10:00 p.m.

14. The use of firearms within camp property or the immediate vicinity is strictly forbidden.

15. Members, their families and guests may use the lakes at Camps Almanor, Britton and Wishon Cove at their own risk. Motorboats are also permitted on these lakes, but they must be kept out of swimming areas.

16. Motorcycles, motor scooters or other types of motor-driven cycles are not to be operated within the confines of the camp, except when entering or leaving camp. Campers operating vehicles within camp property are to abide by the posted 5 MPH speed limit.

17. Barbecuing is not permitted on cabin decks and fires are only permitted in designated fire pits. Once fires are lit, they must be attended or extinguished.

18. The caretakers have been instructed and authorized to require compliance of the above rules, and violators are subject to refusal of admittance to camp.

19. Unforeseen emergencies or operational circumstances may arise during the year requiring PSEA to change or cancel assigned reservations. To that accord, the member will be notified as soon as possible so that alternative reservation arrangements can be made.

20. Camp Del Monte: A one-night weekend stay cannot be booked more than two weeks beforehand.

Failure to comply with the established rules and regulations of PSEA Camps or willful misconduct will result in eviction from camp and the refusal of future camp privileges.

Use of the PSEA camps is at your own risk, and in consideration for being allowed to use the camps, it is agreed that the Pacific Service Employees Association and PG&E, together with the assignees, officers, agents, employees and officials of any or all of them and their successors are hereby released and discharged from any and all liability (including that resulting from negligence) for personal injuries (including death) that may be received by me and from all claims and demands with regard to damage to my personal property growing out of or resulting from the events contemplated, except to the extent the same is caused by the willful misconduct or active negligence of the foregoing.

Please contact PSEA if you have questions or comments.