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The Emergency Assistance Fund (EAF) is designed to help in times of dire need. Situations such as natural disasters, medical crisis or homelessness caused by financial crisis - dire situations that arise without fault. The EAF fund offers financial assistance when all other financial resources have been depleted. EAF makes sure help will be there when needed.

Through EAF, we can provide rapid assistance to PSEA members and all present and past PG&E employees. EAF assistance is easy to obtain and held in strict confidence.

In the past, our EAF program has helped in emergencies like:


You don't need for your life to collapse around you before we'll help. Just contact the PSEA office to begin getting the help you need.

Case in point - the Loma Prieta Earthquake in October 1989, the Oakland Hills Fire in 1991, and the Humboldt Earthquake in 1992 did more than damage the PG&E system. They struck at the very heart of the company, shaking the security and well being of its employees. In the days following the first earthquake disaster, more than $250,000 was placed in a reserve fund to provide emergency relief for those employees hard hit by the disaster.

In these disasters, the money was used to repair homes and replace belongings. But these are only a few examples of situations where EAF can help make a difference. Another might be helping to deal with a crushing emotional or health problem. Once a legitimate need has been verified, EAF will provide assistance to PG&E employees and PSEA members who lack a financial alternative to solve their problems. EAF has assisted single-parent families faced with hunger and eviction and helpless victims of natural disasters.

How to Qualify�for Assistance.  Fund services are available to PSEA members and present and past PG&E employees who document their need. Those suffering losses beyond their financial capabilities could be eligible for a grant.

Your local PSEA representative will help you assess your situation and prepare information such as medical records, damage estimates, financial statements and other supporting documents to submit to PSEA. Applications for help do not become a part of your personnel file.

We Care That's Why We're Here. When faced with a crisis, people sometimes feel like they've failed if they have to go to someone else for help. At PSEA, we don't see it that way. Situations that are beyond control happen. But there's usually a solution, and we'd like to be part of it with our Emergency Assistance Fund (EAF).

The PG&E/PSEA Emergency Assistance Fund was set up, in part, as a response to frequent requests from employees for help with fundraisers for co-workers who were having difficulties.

For More Information - Contact PSEA for details on how the Emergency Assistance Fund works. Or you can call the PSEA office on company extension 246-6205, (925) 246-6205, or e-mail Alice Matthews: AZMJ@pge.com.

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