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Join in... and be a part of the fun!
Each year the PSEA Board of Trustees (BOT) sponsors a variety of special events designed for active participation. These can be competitive sports such as volley ball, bowling or basketball tournaments or PSEA Days - at one of our local theme parks, for the enjoyment of the entire family.

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8/24/19PSEA Day at Gilroy Gardens
PSEA Day at Gilroy Gardens
9/14/19PSEA Board Golf Tournament
PSEA Board Golf Tournament
9/21/19BOT Volleyball Tournament
BOT Volleyball Tournament
10/5/19BOT Car Show
BOT Car Show
10/12/19PSEA Day at Discovery Kingdom
PSEA Day at Discovery Kingdom
1/28/20PSEA Active & Retiree Chapter Kickoff
PSEA Active & Retiree Chapter Kickoff
3/7/20Basketball Tournament Day 1
BOT Basketball Tournament Day 1
3/8/20Basketball Tournament - Day 2
BOT Basketball Tournament - Day 2