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PSEA is here to help our members, PG&E employees, and PG&E retirees in times of financial need.  In the past, the Evacuation Relief Grant and Emergency Assistance Fund have helped in emergencies like:

We are now adding a third, mid-level grant, called Temporary Hardship Assistance.  Read on for a brief description of each of these grant tiers.

Evacuation Fund

Our first-tier grant, the Evacuation Fund, is designed to assist you with immediate expenses (such as lodging, meals, and incidentals) incurred by mandatory evacuation due to natural disasters.  Many PG&Eers have benefited from this $500 grant as a result of recent California wildfires and from the Oroville Dam evacuation in 2017. 

Temporary Hardship Assistance

Beginning in early 2021 a new mid-tier grant will become available.  The Temporary Hardship Assistance Fund will have a $1500 annual cap and is designed to quickly reimburse you for unexpected expenses that cause temporary financial burden. 

Some examples of situations that may apply include incurring additional monthly expenses while caring for a dying parent, or the need to board your pets or pay additional rent while your home is being repaired after a disaster.   

The Emergency Assistance Fund

The Emergency Assistance Fund (EAF) is our top-tier grant designed to help in times of dire financial need that arises through no fault of your own, and only when all other financial assistance has been depleted. Medical crisis or homelessness caused by financial crisis are examples of when this one-time $3500 grant may be awarded once a legitimate need has been verified. 

Applications for these grants are held in strict confidence.  Your local PSEA representative will help you assess your situation and prepare information such as medical records, damage estimates, financial statements and other supporting documents to submit to PSEA. Applications for help do not become a part of your personnel file.

We Care That's Why We're Here. When faced with a crisis, people sometimes feel like they've failed if they must go to someone else for help. At PSEA, we don't see it that way. Situations that are beyond control happen, but there is usually a solution, and we'd like to be part of it.

For More Information - Contact Alice Matthews for details on how these grants work, (925) 246-6205 or AZMJ@pge.com