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PSEA is a not-for-profit mutual benefit organization providing activities, services and benefits for its members through our volunteer network and PSEA office employees.

Eligibility: Current and former employees, retirees, or contractors of PG&E or PG&E’s affiliates and subsidiaries, and parents, siblings, or adult children (21+) of current PSEA members are eligible for membership.

Join PSEA and begin to enjoy its many benefits, including:

   - Secondary Health Benefits
   - Auto & Home Insurance
   - Discount Tickets & Travel
   - Vacation Packages & Camps
   - Activities & Events
   - Disability Program
   - Emergency Assistance Fund
   - and much, much more!

There's no better time than now!

To join, please fill out and submit the application attached at the left.
Note: If emailing your application, your credit card information is not secure. Please fax or mail your application instead, or call
Jenese at (925) 246-6289 to provide this information directly.

Active member applicants (i.e. you are a current PG&E employee):
You only need to fill out the required fields (name, personnel number, home phone (or mobile) and email.  Then sign and date.  If you wish to participate in the PSEA Disability Plan check the box and sign and date the second page. If you have never been a PSEA member before, we are offering you free membership through December 2021 and you need not include payment with your application.  Next year’s dues will be paid in January 2022 by payroll deduction unless you cancel before then.  

Associate or Family member applicants (i.e. you do not have a PG&E personnel number or LAN ID):
Please provide the last four digits of your social security number in lieu of personnel number.

Retiree applicants: 
Your personnel number changed when you retired.  This number can be found on your pension statements or you can use the last four digits of your social security number.