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100 Year History
Keeping the
Spirit Alive

PSEA Volunteers Keeping The Family Spirit Alive

Some of us started working for PG&E yesterday, some five years ago, some twenty, and others have worked thirty-five years with the company and have enjoyed the last ten years in retirement. The one true common bond we can share is our "family spirit."

But, lets face it in todays ever changing world, we are all busier and have more responsibilities than ever before. There just never seems to be enough time in the day to accomplish everything we want to do. Yet, how do we make up that time? Often, we reduce the social aspects in our life to find the time we need.

PSEA can provide the opportunity to help you meet the family social needs that are required to balance work and life, participate in activities, build relationships with your co-workers, and just have some fun!

PSEA is here to fill your social needs and make your lifestyle easier! There is a core group of PSEA Volunteers in your area putting on social picnics, dinners, BBQs, holiday events and trips. These volunteers are PG&E employees serving fellow PG&E employees They are there for you!

This volunteerism is their way of giving back, sharing time, and balancing the financial and social aspects that are needed to keep the PG&E family alive.

In the PSEA Contact Information section of this website there is a listing of some of these PSEA Volunteers. See who is in your local area and contact them Find out what upcoming PSEA events are scheduled, or better yet, how you can join the local PSEA team and participate in the rewarding fun they are having!