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100 Year History
Keeping the
Spirit Alive

PSEA Picnic -
Pole Climbing Competition
(circa 1920's)


"Welcome to the Wonderful World of PSEA!!!"

Those words have been echoed for over 100 years. Since the first PG&E employees got together to plan social and recreational activities for their fellow employees, there have been many occasions to have a wonderful time with the PSEA Family.

Our award winning Employee Association has been the focal point for social, recreational, and educational activities throughout the PG&E service territory in Northern California since 1917.

Through the efforts of our local PSEA Volunteers, ...picnics are planned, steaks & hot dogs are barbecued, crab is cooked, beverages are served, eggs are found, gifts are exchanged, balls are dribbled, kicked, spiked, hit, fielded, served, sliced & hooked, partners are swung & dipped, B-12 completes a bingo, RVs are parked, horseshoes clang, three-legged races and games are won & lost...old friendships are renewed and smiles abound.

Through the services of the PSEA Office, a myriad of activities and benefits are also offered; from leadership training, to world wide travel, camping, special rates on theme parks and sporting venues, disability & insurance programs and retiree dental & vision programs.

We invite the current Active, Retired, Family and Past Employees of the PG&E Corporation, and its subsidiaries and affiliates, to partake of all of our family oriented activities, benefits and services. But most of all, we invite you to be a part of the PSEA Family by becoming a PSEA Volunteer and share the PSEA Family Spirit and camaraderie with your fellow employees and family members.

Become an active participant in "Your Association"!! Your fellow PSEA members are just a phone call, e-mail, fax, hand shake or smile away...